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Upside Down

Ask me what's on my shirt!!!

Our Upside Down range has been designed so that when children look down at their shirt - they see the design the right way up to them.


Complete Kits

Painting Eggs

At Imaginative Thinking we understand that researching, resourcing and organising exciting, innovative and intriguing activities can be difficult. We all get caught up with the day-to-day jobs and have limited time to plan easy but fun activities for our kids.

Imaginative Resources

Playing with Toy Vehicles

If you have seen a THINK TANK, COMPLETE KIT or IMAGINATION STATION that you love but need more of a specific item come to our IMAGINATIVE RESOURCES.

Imagination Stations

Dressing Up Dad

At Imaginative Thinking we understand offering meaningful activities that allow children to explore real life experiences provides them with opportunities to learn by discovering, creating, improvising and imagining.

Think Tanks

Boy with DIY Robot

At Imaginative Thinking we understand offering children a creative space where there is no right or wrong way will cause the children to think, wonder and ask questions.  We understand that not every child wants to make a duck out of a paper plate.

Our Aims


Reduces time spent by Educators away from the children by offering a one stop solution that reduces the administrative costs and time researching resources needed to set up open ended learning environments for kids.


Brings resources back to life to create natural calm environments that foster creativity into the everyday experiences that we offer our kids.


Provides the ability to see things in new ways that  encourages creativity from each child with open ended resources that encourages them to design and use them in different ways. 


Encourages creativity from each child with open ended resources that encourages them to design and use them in different ways..


Supports Educators to link the National Quality Standards naturally to improve outcomes without compromising children's natural creativity.


Offers practical professional learning, development and training in an innovative way that supports Educators to relate the National Quality Standards  to their everyday personal practices. 

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