Children and the internet - yes or no - that is the controversial question today??????

At Imaginative Thinking we love it when children are away from technology using their imaginations to grow their natural ability for creativity at their own pace.

Did you know that 81% of Australian parents with preschoolers say their children use the internet. As a mum of 3 there is no way when I was busy being a mum to 3 young children that I would have been able to watch everything that they were doing all of the time.

As parents and guardians, we are always incredibly careful who we leave our children in the care of.

In Childcare settings there are many mandatory checks that connect with government and police agencies to ensure that they do no put children in any line of risk. Parents and Carers make sure that they know who will be caring (babysitting) their children either by being part of their direct or indirect family. Remember those first couple of times out without the kids – how worried were you – how many times did you call home to make sure that they were ok?

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally on 9th February in over a hundred countries to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation.

This year the Australian Safer Internet Day Committee will be releasing a set of resources for children under five - eSafety’s illustrated storybook “Swoosh, Glide and rule Number 5 and The Family Rules song to support young children to learn about online safety in fund and engaging way.

Protecting and regulating our kid’s online activity is one of the major challenges of today.

So my controversial question is - Why do we hand over these devices to our children as babysitters????

When we clearly are aware that the device that they are using can be extremely dangerous as we are unaware of those who lurk behind the scenes.

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