National Take the Stairs Day - 8th January 2020

Today we celebrate National Take the Stairs Day! This day has been celebrated on the second Wednesday of January since 2016. This year it falls on the 8th January 2020, however the date changes every year! The goal of this day is to encourage people to choose walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator or escalator, to help improve our health.

It is so important that we keep active in our every-day life and this is one easy way we can tone our muscles. Our body is full of muscles and when we use the stairs we give our leg muscles a good workout, like our hamstrings and quadriceps.

Today we encourage you to start conversations with your children about the benefits of keeping active and using stairs. We encourage you to explore the muscles of the human body and what actions build different muscles, such as climbing the stairs by using our hamstrings and quadriceps.

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