World Braille Day - 4th January 2020

Today we celebrate World Braille Day!

This is the first important date on our January 2020 Calendar! Go to our free resources tab to download our free month of January!

The 4th January has been recognised by the United Nations as World Braille Day since 2019. The aim of World Braille Day is to raise awareness of Braille as an important form of communication and as a means to bridge the gap of human rights for blind and partially sighted people. World Braille Day is celebrated on the 4th January because it is Louis Braille’s birthday, the inventor of Braille! Louis was born in France in 1809 fully sighted, but after a childhood accident he became blind. He created a tactile representation of letters, numbers and symbols as a way for him to read and write again. He created this at 15 years old! The creation of Braille is an extremely important element that provides accessibility to blind or partially sighted people, and today we celebrate this!

The United Nations promotes the “Writing Peace” manual which is aimed at young people to encourage them to explore different styles of writing including the Roman alphabet, Greek Alphabet, Vietnamese Script and the Braille System! “Writing Peace” is available in English, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish, which is amazing! We have attached the Braille System page from “Writing Peace” which explains how Braille works in an easily understandable way!

The United Nation’s information on World Braille Day:

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) information on “Writing Peace”:

Free online access to the full “Writing Peace” text in English:

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