Welcome to our Imaginative Dragon -  Chinese Restaurant Bumper Pack.


When children engage in imaginary play, they mimic their real world.


Our bumper Chinese Restaurant Pack has all the real-life prompts that provide children with open-ended play experiences that provide opportunities for children to learn as they imagine, create, and discover. 


Children will be encouraged to critically think, while also have fun supporting opportunities to develop a sense of identity and understanding of the cultural world that they live in.


This pack can be used at any time during the year and will be especially helpful to support learning through celebrations like Lunar New Years and Moon Festivals.


Simply print off as many of the pages that you like and laminate them to re-use to embed culture and community into your daily programs.  It is recommended to buy place card holders to display the table numbers etc on to bring this resource to real life.


Menu has been designed in Pork/Dairy & Gluten free to include all children in this Imaginative Thinking experience.


What is included in this bumper pack:


  • Imaginative Thinking Chinese Restaurant Sign
  • Bilingual Welcome Sign in English/Traditional Chinese
  • Bilingual Please Wait Here To be Seated Sign in English/traditional Chinese
  • Reservation/booking sheet template
  • Order Pad Template
  • The Imaginative Dragon Menu – English
  • The Imaginative Dragon Menu – Traditional Chinese
  • COVID QR Code Check In Sign
  • 1.5m Keep Your Distance Sign
  • Stop – Please use Hand Sanitiser Before Entering Sign
  • We Accept all Credit Card sign
  • Table Number Template
  • Opening Hours Sign
  • We Are Open Sign
  • We Are Closed Sign
  • Chinese Currency – Facts
  • Chinese Currency – to print and play
  • 11 – Flash cards of Chinese Food, Lantern & Children eating with chopsticks

Imaginative Dragon Chinese Restaurant Bumper Pack