Through hands on learning children will learn about the culture of China with these ready to print real life A4 ‘Can You Make’ playdough cards. 


Each card includes a colourful real-life background to enhance children’s creativity and broaden their understanding of and connection to their real world. 


Our ‘Can You Make’ Playdough Cards offer opportunities to support planning to provide resources that broaden children’s perspectives and develop understandings about the diversity of culture, heritage, background, and traditions within the context of their community.  Learning Outcome 2 – Children Are Connected With And Contribute To Their World. EYLF & MTOP


Adding in the different variants below will open up many teachable moments while strengthening relationships challenging thinking and guiding learning.  Practice - Responsiveness to Children. EYLF & MTOP



  • chopsticks to challenge fine and gross motor skills
  • Chinese Spices like cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and fennel seeds to challenge the sense of smell and bring the playdough to life
  • Green Tea Leaves or rice enhance hand-eye skills
  • Coloured playdough to match the individual card


Children will be prompted to use the real-life pictures to promote their use of mathematical language – Learning Outcome 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes EYLF


Easy to use – just print, laminate, and add some Imaginative Thinking.


This Resource Pack includes:


  • Can You Make the shape of China
  • Can You Make 2 dragons
  • Can You Make 3 lanterns
  • Can You Make 4 fortune Cookies – make small messages to put inside the cookie
  • Can You Make 5 dolls – it would be fun to add peg dolls to this slide
  • Can You Make the numbers 1 – 6 in Traditional Chinese
  • Can You Make the Flag of China
  • Can You Make a panda bear to eat the bamboo
  • Can You Make your own tea pot and cup – sensory challenge to put the green tea leaves into this playdough
  • Can You Make noodles to go on your plate – Chinese herbs can represent the smell of food that they are making
  • Can you Make your own cherry blossom tree
  • Can You Make your own Great Wall of China
  • Can You Make your own Temple
  • What Can You Make with chopsticks and playdough – can you pick rice out of the playdough using your chopstick
  • What Can you Make to go into the baskets
  • Panda Bear Slide
  • Placemat and chopsticks slide
  • Chinese Zodiac – rat, boar, snake, rabbit, tiger, and monkey
  • Chinese Zodiac – horse, goat, dog, rooster, ox, and dragon
  • China Display Slide – to ignite and excite Imaginative Thinking
  • Dinner Plate Slide
  • Chinese Lanterns Slide
  • Chinese Houses Slide
  • Chinese Dragons Slide
  • Chinese writing on blackboard slide
  • Chinese writing with English translation slide



This resource is part of the ‘Can You Make’ series.  Coming Soon Imaginative Thinking Discovers Italy and Imaginative Thinking Discovers Australia.


Imaginative Thinking Discovers China