This product contains:


1 x Reusable Water Canvas (Measures 40cm x 30cm)

1 x Water Pot

1 x Paint Smock (please choose size before checkout)

15-piece assorted paint brush set


Children will be able to create their own master pieces on this canvas with water alone.


This pack comes with a reusable water canvas and is easy to roll-up for storage!


Use water to change the colour of the canvas, then watch your designs disappear before your eyes!


Experiment with an assortment of items and tools to create different temporary designs and patterns.


You will love watching your budding young artist make discoveries and explore outcomes as they use their imaginations to create their masterpieces time and time again using water alone.


There is no right or wrong way for children to use the water canvas kit to create temporary designs and then watch them disappear before their eyes.


Easy clean and pack away activity for children aged 3+ years that will spark their creativity and promote their cognitive, hand eye co-ordination and motor skills.

Imaginative Water Canvas Complete Kit

  • Water canvas is a consumable product and while it can be used multiple times, it will eventually need to be replaced like other art supplies.

    It is recommend using only water on the white side of the canvas.