Our Polar Animal Small World – Imagination Station is designed to encourage children to use their imaginations and come up with stories using their own real-life experiences of the world around them or tapping into a fantasy world that not even the best fiction writers could invent.


This mat is made of white toggle to mimic the look of snow and is a great sensory advantage during play.


Our Polar  mat can be used by itself, by adding our Imaginative Resources or using anything that can represent the real world and that can be used in play.


Include our igloo, polar animals, polar rocks, peg dolls and water mats to take full advantage of this small world experience.


Benefits from using our Polar Animals Small World Imaginative Station include but are not limited to:


  • Encourages and builds imaginations
  • Promotes creative and abstract thinking
  • Expands growing language skills
  • Explores new vocabulary to organise ideas
  • Develops/encourages story telling skills to narrate their adventures
  • Encourages role play where children can re-enact real life scenarios
  • Playing independently
  • Social Development – when children play together, this Imagination Station encourages children to share, communicate with each other, and devise roles between themselves. 
  • Problem Solving – resolving issues develops an awareness of feelings and allows children to learn about consequences of actions and will support children to respect each other and the ideas that are shared.
  • They are fun
  • Explore new materials
  • Explore the world we live in


Our Polar Animal Small World Imagination Station can be used to support Intentional Teaching to incorporate:


Wold Wildlife Day - 21st March

Earth Hour - 27th March

World Earth Day - 22nd April

World Penguin day - 25th April

World Environment day 5th June

World Oceans Day 8th June

World Animal Day 4th October



Learning Outcome 4.1 - Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination, and reflexivity.


When we provide learning environments that are flexible and open-ended children are able to use play to investigate, imagine and explore their own ideas. 


Children are able to participate in both individual and collaborative explorative learning processes to develop understandings of themselves and their world through active, hands-on investigation.


Through this activity we are able to recognise and value children’s involvement in learning as they are able to initiate and contribute to play experiences emerging from their own ideas. 

Polar Animals Small World Play- Imagination Station

  • Playmat measures 70cm X 50cm

    Sizes and colours of rocks may vary