Suitable for all ages!


Our Playscapes are durable, waterproof and fade resistant made from 500gsm vinyl that measure 92cm(L) x 51cm(W). Playscapes can be used inside or outside and a great way to bring the natural elements of sand, rocks, shells and water together.


Playscapes have no rules, instructions or right or wrong way for them to be used. Playscapes are designed to give children the opportunity to act out real life scenes and scenarios as they see the real world.


Each Playscape is an invitation that prompts children to start using their imaginations to create and explore their own play whichever way they want to.


By adding open ended materials including raw natural materials and/or lifelike toys and equipment will support this Playscape to encourage their imaginations, curiosity and investigations.


Let nature be their teacher as they use their imaginations to ignite a sense of awe and wonder and a desire to learn more about their natural world.


What will children learn while playing with Playscapes?


Emotional development – children will be able to explore difference emotions as they act out their scenes during play.


Personal and social skill development – children will be able to practice social skills where children can connect with each other and learn to take turns, compromise and listen to someone else’s ideas.


Problem Solving development – There are always many problems in the real work and children will be able to work them out through reasoning and experimenting.


Language development – children will be able to build on their descriptive language skills in meaningful texts. During play children are learning new words that will encourage them to ask questions while developing their own reasoning.


Learning about their world – children will have the chance to explore their ideas of the world and learn lots of important life lessons along the way.

Playscape - The Lake