Using your imagination influences everything that you do and is one of the most important skills that you can have.


By creating positive open-ended environments that encourages creativity, that doesn't have an end result or any instructions, gives our kids time to let their minds wander and free to use their own imaginations.

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Working within this highly regulated industry for the past 15 years I have seen many changes.


One of the biggest changes that I have seen is that we have become so results driven to meet the National Quality Framework that we have forgotten the importance of cultivating creativity in our kids.


With an overall push towards a market of technology, educational DVDs, television and other structured learning environments children are beginning to lose their natural ability for creativity at their own pace.




As we all know, this wonderful Childcare Industry that we are in has become so results driven to meet paperwork requirements that we are all pushed for time. 


We are either over managing activities and environments with too many focused based outcomes, boundaries, rules, structure and instructions or not putting any effort into setting up the learning space at all for the children, with any thought as to how they can become a participant that supports them to have time to think without any prearranged outcomes.


Do you think that maybe we have forgotten what the role of the Educator should be? It should be to keep the children and the environment safe and to give the children access to resources.


I personally believe that we have become so results driven that we are not allowing open ended activities that encourage individual creativity, problem solving, working as part of a team or simply just being able to BE!!!!