At Imaginative Thinking we understand offering children a creative space where there is no right or wrong way will cause the children to think, wonder and ask questions.  We understand that not every child wants to make a duck out of a paper plate.

Our THINK TANKS have been designed to give children a holistic approach to their independent learning.  They provide an open-ended play experience that provide opportunities for them to learn as they imagine, create and discover.


THINK TANKS provide a stress-free learning environment where children can forget their worries and find a place that they can succeed.  They allow children to explore a range of emotions including how to read social cues and respond appropriately when playing in groups.


THINK TANKS do not prioritise any one aspect of learning as they come with no instructions, rules or results.  They will support children to understand how to make the rules and find the answers, how to think things through and how to design, create, tell stories and use their imagination and critical thinking skills. 


THINK TANKS will allow children to develop their own story.  They will offer the opportunity to have more meaningful collaboration with children as they encourage children to use their imaginations and dream.  


This is how children BECOME!!!


THINK TANKS offer children an invitation to play….


At Imaginative Thinking we understand offering meaningful activities that allow children to explore real life experiences provides them with opportunities to learn by discovering, creating, improvising and imagining.


Our IMAGINATION STATIONS provide materials and equipment that evolve around children’s interest and curiosities to support them make sense of the world that they live in.


IMAGINATION STATIONS provide children a place to learn how to take turns, share, resolve conflicts and become resilient when things don’t go their way.


IMAGINATION STATIONS offer social and dramatic play experiences where friendships are formed, relationships are negotiated, and decisions can be made.  Children can play by themselves or with other children to test out ideas, challenge thinking and develop new understanding.


IMAGINATION STATIONS support opportunities for children to develop a sense of identity and understanding of their social and cultural worlds that they live is.


This is how children BE!!!


IMAGINATION STATIONS offer children an invitation to play….


At Imaginative Thinking we understand that researching, resourcing and organising exciting, innovative and intriguing activities can be difficult. We all get caught up with the day-to-day jobs and have limited time to plan easy but fun activities for our kids.

Our COMPLETE KITS have been designed to take the stress out of creating, planning and programming new activities for the kids. They provide opportunities for the kids to engage and critically think, while also having fun and sometimes getting messy.

COMPLETE KITS provide all of the necessary materials and resources to conduct the activity, with many different options depending on what you need. They free up your time, while also ensuring your kids are engaged and interested in new activities.

COMPLETE KITS come with an information guide with suggested activities and suggested ways to link learning outcomes, including those from My Time Our Place and the National Quality Framework. They are designed to be easy and seamless for you to run or oversee, and provide all the information and intentional teaching you will need.


COMPLETE KITS allow the children to expand, explore and evaluate in new and exciting ways. They are designed to be attractive to kids of different age brackets and keep them entertained for long periods of time. 

This is how children EXPLORE!!!

COMPLETE KITS offer children an invitation to play....


If you have seen a THINK TANK, COMPLETE KIT or IMAGINATION STATION that you love but need more of a specific item come to our IMAGINATIVE RESOURCES.


Here you can buy as many single items as you need from our THINK TANKS, COMPLETE KITS or IMAGINATION STATIONS. From 1-1000 pieces you can mix and match and create your own inspiring resources that perfectly fit your children's imaginations.


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